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Netanyahu and his High Horse

I’m taking a (short) break from Peace as a concept to focus on the real here and now. I’ll be back to discussing issues surrounding Daesh next week.

Colonel Yonatan “Yoni” Netanyahu א”ש. Died rescuing kidnapped civilans a continent away from Israel.

Bibi the Blowhard (Benyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister) blew into office on the strength of his commando brother Yonatan’s brand identity, as said brother died rescuing kidnapped Jews held in Entebbe, Uganda. His command of English, his ability to bend and twist with the political wind, all combine to make the perfect empty suit. He’s the rich white guy that makes Christians in America feel oh so comfy, and his dismissal of everything to his left and fear-mongering keep the Israeli equivalent of the American Focks Gnus sycophants cheering.

pistachio+vector+LARGEYou don’t negotiate for peace with friends: you do it with enemies. The time is _never_ right, and the leadership and circumstances are always sub-par. Unlike the West Bank and Gaza Strip, in Iran we have a political and governmental entity with whom treaties (and embargoes) work. And the fruits of such a peace are sweet, and filled with fistukim (pistachio nuts, an Iranian export). The price Israel (and Egypt) paid for peace was high, and continues to have a cost. But it beats having a state of war and a frighteningly long border, something even total French Jewish immigration wouldn’t help.

Even if Netanyahu is right and it’s a 10-year hiatus for Iran to “get ready to start again,” that’s ten years to change minds and hearts of entire countries. Give peace a chance. Or, to use Nasreddin‘s parable, over that time perhaps the horse might sing!